Fishing info


Lake Level:  rising

Water Temp: 72

Weather:  Sunny : Temp 65-80

Wind: Calm

The Guys N Gals White River Division held its June 7 tournament on Bull Shoals Lake out of the Buck Creek Marina.  Mike and Kay owners of the Marina are always there with a pot of coffee ready for us before take-off.

The area has experienced several days of rain during the past few weeks.  As a result, the lake is on the rise, with the water in the brush.

Brent and Nena St.Clair of Pyatt, Arkansas took first place with a limit weighing 7.71 pounds, with their biggest bass weighing 2.14 pounds.  They caught most of their fish before 9:30 in Seed Tick on secondary points.  They also fished Little Buck and Buck Creek. The St.Clair’s caught their fish in 25 – 30 foot of water on a Carolina Rig with a 3.5 foot leader.  They were using P-Line with 15 lb as the main line and 10 lb for the leader.  They were using a ¾ oz sinker and a Zoom 6 inch Green Pumpkin Lizard. The St.Clair’s reported having caught 6 keepers and 12 to 15 smallmouths that were short.

Big Bass went to Mark and Ofelia Sanders of Ava, Missouri.  Ofelia caught the 2.58 pound bass in 3 feet of water in Beaver Creek on a 3/8oz brown and chartreuse jig with a yamamoto twintail as a trailer.   The Sanders’  were fishing stained water on a chunk rock bank in the back of a pocket.  Mark reported they caught about 25 short fish.

 Roy and Sherrie Bryant of Green Forest, Arkansas claimed the smallest weight award with one fish weighing 1.22 pounds.

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As the sun came up over Schooner Creek Resort on beautiful Table Rock Lake the anglers who fish the Guys N Gals Bass Tournaments were bundled up and ready to fish a two day super tournament.  

On Saturday the first day of the two day event Tim & Kathy Fleetwood from Forsyth, Missouri brought 5 Bass to the scales that weighed 18.19 lbs with their kicker bass weighing in at a huge 7.30 lbs. They came to the scales on Sunday with four fish that weighed 11.70 lbs. Giving them a total weight of 29.89 lbs. The couple fished the Dam area and caught 16 keepers on PJ Lures football jigs and Hughes Jerk Baits. The Fleetwood’s fish came out of  clear  54 degree water that was 8-16 feet deep.  They took a check for first place for $975, Big Bass check was $230 and because they caught fish on PJ Lures jigs they received an additional $50, with a total earnings of  $1255. The Fleetwood’s are sponsored by PJ Lures, Ranger, Hughes Custom Baits, Jewel Baits & Ambush Lures. 

Bobby & Dana Comstock from Protem, Missouri took second place with 27.71 lbs. They brought 14.46 lbs to the scales on Saturday and 13.25 lbs on Sunday.  They caught the majority of their fish on finesse worms in the Mid-Lake area on secondary gravel points. They caught 14 keepers bringing a five fish limit to the scales both days. The Comstock‘s took home a check for $570 as well as the $150 Champion Bonus money. The couple is sponsored by Champion Boats, Mercury, and Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock. 

Third place went to Larry Brooks from Highlandville and Barb Cooper of Galena. They had a two day total of 22.79lbs. The team went to Baxter fished at a depth of 10-12 feet. Catching their fish on finesse worms. They took a check for $300. 

Rounding out the field with 22.19 lbs and taking fourth place and $240 was Tommy & Sherry Skinner from Protem, MO. 

Second Big Bass and $115 went to John & Dawn Egidy from Gardner, Kansas. This was a new personal record for Dawn. She caught the bass on a football jig on a chunk rock bank two feet deep. 

The small weight award from Olive’s Pit Stop in Urbana went to Mark & Jill Curry from Ash Grove, MO.  

Guys ‘N’ Gals Bass Association

We are dedicated to continuing the tradition of quality couples tournament fishing in the ozarks. We have 7 tournaments a year with the Classic being our 7th bass tournament. We fish Table Rock Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, Pomme de Terre Lake, and Stockton Lake.


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Entry form

_______Tournament Date _____Yearly Membership

GUYS Name ___________________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________________
City ______________________________State ___________ Zip ______________
Phone _(______)_______________ Signature_________________________
S.S.#________________ Occupation________________ Date of birth_______
E-mail address______________________________
GALS Name ___________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________
City _________________________________State ____________ Zip ____________
Phone _(______)_______________ Signature________________________________
S.S.#______________ Occupation_________________ Date of birth________
E-mail address______________________________
Make of Boat________________________ Length________ Yr.________________
Boat Motor ______________________ H.P. __________ Yr. __________
Electronics Brand _____________________ Tow Vehicle Make ________________
Brand of Batteries _________________ Sponsors ___________________________
Do you plan to buy a boat this year? ___________

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We have read and understand the rules and enclose the completed application and our entry fee payable to: Guys ‘n’ Gals Bass Association. In signing this application, we hereby waive our legal venue. We hereby waive and release all other contestants, sponsors, and tournament officials from all claims for injury and/or damages incurred in connection with this tournament and agree to all their rules and decisions. Receipt date of entry determines starting position. Cash, check, or money order must accompany this entry form to qualify for tournament entry. Guys N Gals Bass will accept Visa or MasterCard. A $5.00 per entry will be added. I further state that I maintain liability insurance and have verification of liability insurance on the boat we will use in this tournament.

$100.00 Entry Fee – $10 per person yearly membership to fish tournaments.

We further agree to submit to a Quality Assurance test if required by Tournament Director (Rule 19). Knowledge of these rules are your responsibility.

Send entry to:
Darrell Mitchell
13552 E. Hwy 76
Taneyville, MO 65759



1. Rules: The following rules for the tournament will be used. These rules will be interpreted by the Advisory Staff appointed by the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR. All decisions are final.

2. Eligibility: All teams consisting of one Male and one Female that have paid the appropriate fees. All contestants must be at least seven (7) years of age with both parents written consent releasing GUYS ‘N’ GALS BASS ASSOCIATION all claims for injuries resulting from the tournament. Advisory Staff or Tournament Director has the right to refuse Entry to any Team.

3. Entry Fees: $100.00 per boat entry will be taken at the ramp until tournament time. Big Bass and Polygraphs included. NO REFUNDS UNLESS TOURNAMENT IS CANCELLED. A $30.00 service charge on all returned checks. Entry fees will be donated by to charity.

4. Departures: Departure will be in sequence in which entries are received.

5. Boats and Motors: Any boat 15 feet or longer, if powered by a motor of 25 horsepower or more, with a kill switch and aerated live well, will be accepted. All Missouri Water Patrol Laws and Regulations shall apply. Boats MAY NOT BE TRAILERED OR SWITCHED DURING TOURNAMENT HOURS, except when approved by the Tournament Director. No cumbersome Craft!

6. Safety and Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation are expected from each contestant. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principals may be deemed cause for disqualification. Life vest must be worn any time the boat is on plane, with kill switches attached. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED DURING TOURNAMENT HOURS.

7. Permitted Fishing Location: Anywhere on the tournament lake, EXCEPT within 1. 25 yards of another tournament contestant’s boat at anchor; 2. 50 yards of a commercial gas pump; or 3. within the weigh-in cove.

8. Scoring: Largemouth, Kentucky, Spotted, or Smallmouth Bass will be counted. Total weight per team will determine the places. Any bass presented for weigh-in under legal length for that lake will result in one (1) pound penalty and loss of that fish. Iced fish or fish on a STRINGER will be cause for immediate disqualification. Dead fish will have a one (1) pound penalty for each dead fish. Five (5) fish limit per boat. Contestants must be in sight of their partners during Tournament hours. All fish presented for weigh-in become the property of Guys ‘N’ Gals Bass Association. No culling within the Tournament Site!

9. Ties: All ties will be broken by the most fish, then by the earliest entry date.

10. Late Check In: A one (1) pound penalty per minute up to ten (10) minutes, after that DISQUALIFICATION. NO EXCEPTION. Exact starting & check-in time will be announced before tournament.

11. Points: Points will be awarded as follows: 100 first, 99 second, 98 third, etc. Teams will be awarded one (1) point for each pound of weight. Any team not weighing in a fish will receive 20 points.

12. Alternates: Any team in which one of the members cannot fish a given tournament may use an alternate. This can occur two (2) times only in a season. You may also fish one (1) tournament alone, after establishing a partner of the opposite sex. EXCEPT in an emergency the contestant may use someone of the same sex if the person is of the immediate family and is under the age of sixteen (16) years of age and the written and signed permission of the parents is given. The alternate must be a member of the Guys ‘N’ Gals Bass Association. There will be a $10.00 membership fee for that person. The alternates will not be allowed to fish in the Classic.

13. Payback: Payback percentage will be 80% of total purse after Guys N Gals Classic deductions. At each qualifying tournament, Guys N Gals will pay back one (1) place for every five (5) boats.

14. Protest: Any contestant wishing to protest the score or conduct a fellow contestant must do so in writing within ten (10) minutes of the conclusion of the weigh-in. All written protest will go to the Advisory Staff and Tournament Director. All decisions by the Staff will be final.

15. Boat Inspection: All boats must idle by the Tournament Inspection Boat in sequence with live-well lids open prior to take-off. 16. Championship: The top 20 teams in point standings that have fished at least five (5) tournaments using the best five (5) tournament point totals. Anyone who has fished seven (6) tournaments will be invited to the championship.

17. Type of Tackle: Only artificial lures may be used. No “live bait” will be permitted; however, pork or pork type strips, rinds, etc., may be used. Only casting, spinning or spin-casting reels and rods may be used. Only one (1) rod may be used at any one time by each person. Other rigged rods may be in the boat for substituting purposes; however, only one “rig” is permitted in use at any one time. No trolling.

18. Tournament Cancellations: If the tournament is cancelled due to reasons of safety, it will be rescheduled, if the tournament is cancelled again, the entry fees will be refunded. No refunds will be made for any other reason.

19. Quality Assurance Test: By his or her signature on this entry form and/or participation in this tournament, contestant will agree to submit to a quality Assurance test if required by the Tournament Director. This may include all or part of the following: polygraph test, urinalysis, blood test and an observer, in and out of the boat. Refusal to submit by anglers will result in immediate disqualification of that team for that tournament and future Guys ‘N’ Gals tournaments. None of the above rules shall prohibit a Guys ‘N’ Gals official from observing, approaching or boarding any Competitors boat during Tournament Competition days.

$100 Entry Fee with $10 Big Bass Included, Random Polygraph $10 Yearly Membership Per Person


Lake Level: 841.22
Water Temp: 71
Weather: sunny, windy; 74 at weigh-in
Wind: 15-25
Number of Boats: 25

As 25 teams gathered for the start of the June 8 Guys ‘N’ Gals tournament on Pomme De Terre Lake, they were greeted by bright sunny skies, high winds, and reports that fishing was tough.  Despite this, several teams were able to overcome the conditions and bring nice limits to the scales.

No one was more successful at solving the puzzle than the team of Robert and Johnna Welch.  After catching no keepers during two days of pre-fishing, the Branson, Missouri couple decided to try something completely different Sunday.  That decision paid off in a big way as they caught 10 keepers to far out-distance the competition and claim the victory.  Their 15.56 pounds included the days Big Bass, a 5.61 pounds beauty.  Robert and Johnna caught their fish in the Pomme arm using a Carolina rigged Baby Brush Hog in green pumpkin color.  They dyed the tip of the Brush Hog chartreuse and felt that was a key to their success.  The couple reported catching their first 4 keepers on a main lake point at 17 feet before moving into a creek and catching the remainder of their fish on secondary points at about 4 feet.  All of their fish were caught before noon and they had a limit by 10:00.  The water in this area was very stained.  Robert and Johnna are sponsored by Ulrich Marine and Champion Boats.

Second place was taken by Denzil Turner and Deborah Barnum of Wasola, Missouri.  Denzil and Deborah fished a Texas rigged cotton candy lizard to boat a 5 fish limit weighing 9.30 pounds.  They rigged the lizard on 10 pound line using a ¼ ounce sinker.  The couple caught 4 of their fish early fishing main lake ledges in the Lindley arm at a depth of 12 feet.  Their last fish came at noon from the Pomme arm.

Finishing in third place with a limit weighing 8.85 pounds was the Neosho team of Yogi and Terry Buening.  Yogi and Terry spent the day in Possum Creek and caught 7 keepers flipping ½ ounce black and blue jigs to brush and lay-downs on pea gravel banks.  Their fish came out of muddy water 1-2 feet deep and were active all day.

Larry and Cindi Brooks of Republic, Missouri employed a variety of techniques in the Lindley arm to boat 7 keepers throughout the day.  Their best five weighed 8.78 pounds; good for fourth place.  Larry and Cindi reported catching fish on Jigs, lizards, 10” worms, and Zoom finesse worms.  They fished water 1-4 feet deep in the back of coves as well as main lake channel swings depending on the technique used.  Their 2 best fish came from a brush pile 20 feet deep.  Larry and Cindi are sponsored by the Hydra-Tech Boat Center, Triton Boats, and Hawg Jaw Tackle.

Fifth place was taken by Larry and Brenda Wilcox.  This Kimberling City couple boated a 5 fish limit weighing 8.67 pounds.  They fished coves in the Pomme arm; flipping ½ oz. Jigs and Brush Hogs to bushes in muddy water 1-2 feet deep.

Rich Gamble from Kimberling City claimed the second biggest bass honors with a 4.10 pounds bass he caught on a spinnerbait in the Lindley arm.

Table rock

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Guys N Gals
#   fish
Big Bass
Total Weight
Brian Cunningham & Carrie Loretz
Mike & Kasey Webb
Josh & Michelle Tate
Brett & Vannetta Groeteke
Tommy & Sherry Skinner
Darrell & Donetta Mitchell
Rich & Jacci Gamble
Tyler & Connie Matlock
Tim Fisher & Kristi Fulp
Matt & Tammy Jones
Tim Fleetwood
Marc & Barb Cooper
David & Jan Hudson
Brad & Teresa Carey
Ron & Sharon Berry
Dave Pilgrim & Dot Holmes
Larry & Tina Foster
Roy Bryant & Lindsy Savage
Brian Bauman & Holly McClanahan
Paul & Kathy Tilley
Robert & Johnna Welch

In the photo Dale (CEO of and his wife Joann holding the trophy.

Guys N Gals Bass Association 2009 Tournament


April 11, 2009 – Table Rock Lake – BC online casino – 7:00-3:00
877-739-4417 or

May 9, 2009 – Bull Shoals Lake – Buck Creek Marina – 6:00-2:00
417-785-4325 or

June 6, 2009 – Table Rock Lake – Schooner Creek Resort – 6:00-2:00
877-739-4417 or

July 11, 2009 – Truman Lake – Long Shoal Marina – Uncle Gabby’s Motel – 6:00-2:00
660-477-3331 or

August 22, 2009 – Pomme de Terre Lake – Pittsburgh State Park Marina – 6:00-2:00

September 12, 2009 – Stockton Lake – Mutton Creek Marina – 7:00-3:00

October 17 & 18, 2009 – CLASSIC – Lake of the Ozarks – Cloverleaf Bay Resort – Shawnee Bend – 7:00-3:00
1-877-877-9737 –

Missouri Division

Lake Level: 655.3
Water Temp: 55-61
Weather: Sunny, 50 at take-off; high 70’s at weigh-in
Wind: SW at 5-10
Number of Boats: 19

The anglers of the Guys ‘N’ Gals Bass Association were greeted with clear skies and cool temperatures as they took off from Temple Resort April 27.  Several of the teams elected to stay in the Grand Glaize arm rather than fight the abundant boat traffic on other areas of the lake.  It proved to be a wise choice as the top three places all came out of the Glaize.

With the warm, sunny conditions, most of the teams reported catching many short fish but the keepers were harder to come by.

First place was taken by Doyle and Lisa Ferguson.  The Nixa, MO couple brought in a 5 fish limit weighing 14.42 pounds.  They reported catching their fish throughout the day using 5/16 oz. jigs on 12 lb. line.  The fish were located 5-10 feet deep about half way back in coves on chunk rock banks.

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Second place and Big Bass honors went to Dale and JoAnn Stites of Centerville, Kansas.  Dale and JoAnn culled through 8 keepers on their way to a limit weighing 14.08 pounds including the Big Bass, a hefty 5.34 pound largemouth.  The couple caught all their fish in shallow water, 3 feet deep or less, behind docks located on chunk rock or pea gravel banks.  They threw centipedes rigged with no weight on spinning gear spooled with 6 lb. line.  Landing the Big Bass on 6 lb. line from behind a dock made for some anxious moments and Dale had high praise for the job JoAnn did in netting the fish.  Most of their fish were caught by 10:00.

The Wasola, MO team of Denzill Turner and Deborah Barnum continued their string of top three finishes by capturing third place with 4 fish weighing 13.53 pounds.  Deborah also claimed 2nd Big Bass honors with a nice 5.03 pound bass.  Like most of the other anglers, Denzill and Deborah concentrated on chunk rock and pea gravel banks 7-8 feet deep half way back in coves.  Three of their keepers were caught using 1/4 oz. Hula grubs on 8 lb. line while Deborah’s big bass hit a lizard.  The couple reported catching fish throughout the day.

Fourth place went to Dave and Trudy Barker with 12.56 pounds and finishing in fifth place with 11.34 pounds was Tim and Tanya Schraeder.

Lake of the Ozarks Results

Guys N Gals # fish Big Bass Total Weight
1 Tim & Kathy Fleetwood 5 4.02 12.66
2 Tommy & Sherri Skinner 3 6.22 11.02
3 Roy & Sherri Bryant 4.6 10.36
4 Bobby & Dana Comstock 3 10.02
5 Matt & Tammy Jones 4 9.73
6 Mike & Beverly Malone 3 7.48
7 Mike & Ginny Surrisi 3 7.39
8 Ed Phillips & Mickie Wolfinbarger 3 7.1
9 Tim Fisher & Kristi Fulp 3 5.77
10 Rich & Jacci Gamble 3 5.63
11 Ron & Sharon Berrry 4 5.49
12 Josh & Michelle Tate 2 4.84
13 Chris Durbin & Robin Stassi 1 3.88
14 Chris & Michelle Wells 1 3.43
15 Steve & Flo Dwyer 1 3.36
16 Bobby Madison & Regina Carlton 2.2
17 Rich & Linda Elbert 1 1.68
18 Van Cox & Mayola Lindsey 1.55
19 Tod Poretta & Trena Owens 1 1.52
20 Dave & Sherry Roberson 0 0
21 Kenneth & Dana Johnson 0 0
22 Paul & Kathy Tilley 0 0
23 Art Monteil & Patty Thom 0 0
24 Kevin Kibbee & Carrie Sowers 0 0
25 Danny & Sherry Tate 0 0
26 Allan & Jaynell Hutchison 0 0
27 John & Debbie Reidler 0 0
28 Kyle Boardman & LeeAnn Bezemer 0 0